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I’m a New York-based information architect with an art degree and a security clearance. I’ve been a web designer of some sort for the past 14 years: the past 7 as a user experience director or lead, the first 3 as the managing director of my own agency.

I was born in Manila, have lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles and the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and now call the Upper West Side of Manhattan home.

I am neither a guru nor a ninja. I will not get your page to the top of Google’s search results. I am not an “innovator” or an “idea guy.”

Instead, I learn new industries and empower businesses to have great relationships their customers online by developing usable strategies for content writing, information architecture, and interaction design.

I care deeply about how people interact with technology, space, and each other. If you care about these things too, I think we’ll work well together.

Matthew Marcó

makes websites better

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Whether you need to target one section of your website for improved results, a company-wide realignment towards your website’s user experience, or something in between, I can help.

My approach puts the website user first in a way that achieves business objectives. My background and well-rounded skillset enable me to own a project from strategy to QA.

And I make cheese plates for my colleagues.

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Consulting Availability

I am available for independent UX consulting in New York, D.C., or anywhere else Amtrak’s Northeast Regional disembarks.

Full-Time Employment

I’m interested in opportunities to work in a leadership capacity with mature companies in New York City to design, build, and maintain websites that improve people’s lives.

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